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Say goodbye to dedicating a full-time role to uploading, organizing, and finding media.


Find the way you think

Stop organizing everything into folders. Clipido's AI-powered search engine will find your files back in seconds. No more digging through folders.

  • Works with 120+ languages

  • Processed in-house, ensuring data privacy

  • Search by file name, uploader, tags, and more...


Tagging made easy, finally

Manual tagging is reduced to the bare minimum. Only tag whatever is not recognized by our AI.

  • Immutable tagging structure, ensuring consistency

  • Tag over 1000 files in under 2 seconds

  • User permissions to control who can tag


Share your media the cool way

Instantly create a permanent shareable link to a selection of your media files. Your recipients will be greeted with a beautiful gallery view.

  • Add additional media without changing the link

  • A beautiful gallery view for your recipients

  • Password protection, expiration dates, and more...

Our club members

What these forward-thinking companies have to say about us.

"Hands down the most impressive tool we've used for our photos and videos. Created by exceptional minds"

Wim Lenaers

Wim Lenaers

Marketing Manager@Company logo
  • Roel Gielen

    Roel Gielen

    Marketing Coordinator

    Clipido makes our photo management easy and fast. Don't know how I got by without it before. We are fan!
  • Axel Page

    Axel Page

    Marketing Manager

    Finding and sharing assets has never been easier. Hands down the best thing that happened to our marketing team this year!
  • Deborah Vochten

    Deborah Vochten


    This is a major upgrade for our team. We are finding our media 3x faster than before. Clipido is a game changer!
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